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Background music

 During your wedding aperitif or in a formal, gala or romantic dinner: in all these cases Sombras live music will play an elegant, refined and soft music, ideal to create a perfectly evocative and intimate atmosphere for you and your guests. For this kind of entertainment you can choose your favourite genres, selecting one of them (theme-oriented programme) or go across different ones: jazz and American evergreens, bossa nova, high quality international pop songs, Italian traditional and Napolitan music (played and arranged in a modern style or in a traditional one), all of them are suitable genres for  a soft and intimate music entertainment. You can select your favourite genres as background music together with the Sombras live music.




Foreground music

During a buffet dinner, in the first part of a party (graduation party, birthday, anniversary) in the second part of your wedding reception: foreground music is perfect in all those cases when the atmosphere is warmer and more informal and the guests have already been taken into the party mood. You can focus on a music genre or mixing different ones: Brazilian, Latin, reggae, international pop, rock, swing music, etc…The Sombras live music are glad to suggest you the best solution, in order to transform your ideas in a music programme for the party, in perfect harmony with your taste and sensitivity.




Dance music

  If you wish your event to become a “real” and unforgettable one, you can’t miss dance time during the party. Sombras live music's long experience will let you choose from a very wide repertoire, that can be adapted each time to your and  your guests’ taste. Dance music revival from the '50s and '60s, Rock and Rock and roll, Latin, Brazilian, Disco music from the '70s and '80s, etc. They are only  some of the dance music genres played by the Sombras live music: together with the band you can choose your favourite music to make your guests dance. If you wish to keep dancing for long hours, after the live concert, the band also provide  a DJ service with a "real" dj or with premixed CDs of many different genres (disco from the’70s and ’80s, house, ethnic, Latin, etc.) On request extra services -like light system, live percussions or saxophone during the DJ service, etc.- are  also available.