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Line up


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Live band for weddings, parties , corporate and gala dinners

Sombras live music has become a key reference in entertainment and live music for many of the most prestigious banqueting operators , hotels , wedding and event planners in Italy. It happens thanks to a philosophy that gives absolute priority to professional and strictly live played music. All  SLM musicians are professional, constantly playing together and working on arrangements to be proposed during live performances.  SLM combos usually provide drums and / or live percussion ( but not necessarily) and exclude the use of midi files , electronic music styles , etc..  Number of musicians can vary from two to ten (or more) elements according to your tastes and needs. Another key feature is the great versatility : the same band is able to play a single genre for the whole event (jazz , pop, rock , latin , disco, Italian , etc. . ) but also to move from one genre to another and then to personalize the repertoire for every single event. SLM also offer a free DJ set ( before and / or after  live music) with a selection of premixed CDs of different genres .



Duo is the basic combo and is usually composed by a musician playing the drums (percussion , drum set , depending on the case ) and the other one playing the guitars , vocals, the bass loop- station (or playing the piano, the keyboard bass, voice ). It's an extremely versatile, high quality duo, that sounds like a trio/ quartet thanks to multi-instrumental abilities of its components (usually the guitarist /pianist who also plays the bass line and sings ); it can also cross many genres satisfying your tastes and needs . Ideal for all kind of entertainment, for both high-class gala dinner and a dance party.

Technical details:

Genres : classic jazz and swing , bossa nova , Brazilian, Italian and international pop, rock and roll , rock and  disco music from the 70's 80's 90's , Latin music, tango, Italian traditional  music , Roman and Neapolitan , etc. . The duo can cross many genres within the same event, or play one (or more ) themed programs for the entire reception.
Number of players : Two
Number of instruments/elements : four ( vocals, piano / guitar , live bass line , drums)
Entertainment styles : background music , entertainment , dance


You can add the warm and enveloping sound of the trumpet, or the creative solos of the  saxophone to the basic duo. The Trio is ideal for parties, weddings and gala dinner. Also other elements can be added: female voice , double bass, flute, but also other combinations of instruments are available. It's a dynamic and refined trio, that sounds like a quintet and can cross many genres during the same event, or propose one (or more ) themed programs for the entire reception .

Technical details:

Genres:  swing and jazz,  Brazilian music / bossa nova , Italian and international pop and rock , 50's & 60's revival , Latin music ( Cuban son , tango, boleros , etc. . ) , Traditional Italian music , revival disco from the  '70s-'80s - '90s
Number of musicians : Three
Number of instruments/elements : Five: vocals, guitar (piano) , live bass line , drums, saxophone (or trumpet)
Entertainment style : background music , entertainment , dance



The basic duo is enriched by both sax and trumpet (or by a female voice/double bass instead of one wind) for an enlarged combo (although other combinations of instruments are available).  Sombras live music has created a quartet with a real wind section (saxophone and trumpet), adapting or rewriting arrangements for jazz-swing classics songs and for the most explosive and exciting  rock/pop/disco/latin/ R&B/italian traditional/etc.  revival music. The quartet, like trio and duo, can cross many genres within the same event, or propose one (or more) themed programs for the entire reception. Other elements can be added: flute, violin, electric bass, percussion, etc.).


Technical details:

Genres: jazz, swing and bossa nova, Brazilian, Italian and international light-pop, rock and revival 50s 60s, dance and international rock and italiano'70 '80 '90, traditional Italian music, etc..
Number of musicians: Four
Number of instruments/elements: six / seven: voice (guitar), piano, keyboard live bass, drums, sax, trumpet,
Entertainment styles: background music, entertainment, dance



You can add one or more other instrument to the band. A typical SLM quintet combo can be: vocals / guitar, drums, piano / keyboard bass, saxophone, trumpet). Also other instruments can be added: electric or double bass, female vocals, jazz violin, percussion, flute, etc..). The quintet is also able to cross both background and dance music with extreme versatility.


Technical details:

Number of musicians: Five
Number of instruments:
seven (or more): vocals, guitar, drums, sax, trumpet, piano, live bass keyboard
Entertainment styles:
background music, entertainment, dance
swing / jazz, Brazilian music and bossa nova, rock and ballo'50 revival from the 60's, 70's 80's dance and rock, Latin music, pop Italian and international, traditional Italian music


Swing band


Sombras live music proposes a real swing band (from 3 to 10 or more musicians) for which special arrangements of American, international and Italian traditional swing songs, have been rewritten or adapted. You can add a full-bodied rhythm section (drums, bass, piano and guitar) to the wind section (from one to three elements: tenor sax, alto sax, trumpet, etc.), male and female voice, flute, violin, etc.. The swing band is ideal for high class weddings and gala evenings. The same band, if required, can also play dance revival music in the second part (from rock and roll to rhythm and blues, from pop to disco music!) or keep playing swing/jazz for the whole event.


Technical details:
Number of musicians: from 3 to 10 or more
Number of musicians: eight / nine, male voice (female voice), guitar, drums, tenor sax, alto sax, trumpet, piano, bass
Entertainment styles: background music, entertainment, dance


Piano Bar

Besides live bands, Sombras live music provide also a piano bar service. It 's  a less demanding solution but still effective and versatile in offering both background and dance music. SLM piano bar musicians have been selected in the best night life circuit and five-star hotels in Italy. All of them provide great experience, class and ability to involve the guests in dancing. Many solutions are available:

-1)  Singer / keyboardist:
-2) 2 musicians: female singer + keyboardist
-3) 2/3 elements: singer / keyboardist + wind instrument

-Other combos are available.


Also other instruments (flute, violin, percussions, etc.) and combos are a available