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Founders and art directors




He starts singing accompanied on the guitar by his father when he’s just two years old and he listens to an “incredible” amount of music since he is in the cradle: when he’s eight-nine years old starts playing his first chords on the guitar and on the piano and, few years later, starts taking classic guitar lessons. When he’s only sixteen he already plays and sings in live concerts, alone or with various bands, often with his friend Andrea on the drums. He experiences many different music genres: pop, rock, dance, classic, traditional, etc. In the meanwhile he deepens rock and jazz guitar studies with different teachers and gets completely hooked on refined music genres like classic jazz and bossa nova (that he has the occasion to know better during his many travels to South America). In the last two decades concentrates more on the duo activities (with Andrea on drums and percussions) with whom he performs in many of the most prestigious clubs and locations (Gusto, Il posto delle fragole, Hotel De Russie’S Stravinskij bar, Mirabelle restaurant of Splendid royal hotel, Hotel Eden’s restaurant, etc…) in Rome.




Since he is a child Andrea follows his father, who is a guitarist, during the concerts and rehearsals. He is attracted to the rhythm and sound of drums:  he waits with anxiety for a band break to get in possession with drumsticks and “command post” and to attempt his first rudimentary rhythmic patterns. His attraction to music soon turns into passion, therefore, during teenage years, he starts studying drums and playing piano and guitar. In this period he also starts performing in live concerts with various groups, with whom he experiences different music genres, from pop to rock, from South American music to jazz. In 1990 with Marco, his childhood friend, he also starts a more than 20-year long professional relationship, that results in hundreds of concerts and live performances.  Sombras live music is the natural and multifaceted synthesis of a two decade-old variegated music experience.




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